Where is your mind right now?

Is your mind planning, thinking, worrying, remembering, and in the past and future more than it is in the present?

Would it instead be helpful to you to experience the moments that make up your life more fully whilst they are occurring and to develop skills to

  • calm and relax
  • reduce anxiety and worry?
  • respond to situations rather than react?

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Does juggling everyday life leave you feel tired and stressed?

If, like many people, you feel under greater pressure,  secularly taught Mindfulness is increasingly popular among people who want to improve the quality of their lives, regain the ability to relax, live more in the present, and improve their physical and mental health.  

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Mindfulness has proven benefits shown in psychological studies. People who practice mindfulness regularly

  • are happier and more contented the average  with increased positive mood and wellbeing
  • are less anxious and irritable
  • have less negative thinking and low mood
  • have better coping abilities  for pain and are more resilient to life’s set backs 


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