Are you living life on autopilot?

Developing mindfulness skills can help you  see better how your thoughts can drive  feelings and behaviours.   Do you ever really notice what you are thinking when you talk to yourself (and yes everyone has some kind of self talk going on their heads)?  For example,  ‘ I have to get this done now’. We think it, believe it and react by chasing off on yet another task. Often the task will need doing but sometimes not, or at least not now this instant. Our behaviour is driven by the thought that often we didnt’ know we had been thinking! We are often not aware of what we think to ourselves and developing those awareness skills by practising mindfulness is the first step to having a choice about how we behave rather than just going through life on autopilot….. respond rather than react.

Mindfulness in Schools

Many people who learn mindfulness say they wish they had learnt it sooner.  The Mindfulness in Schools Project aims to extend mindfulness teaching in schools via its .b (Stop and Be) programm of mindfulness lessons aimed at year 9-12. If you might be interested to discuss mindfulness with school children, I am .b trained so do get in touch.

There is also a great 8 week course aimed specifically at adults who work with children (e.g. school teachers) which is having really beneficial impacts on staff in schools. If you school might be interested in a taster session on a staff inset day or after school, do get in touch and see what it is about.