This is the Oxford University Centre for Mindfulness Project for Mindfulness  and Resilience in Adolescents (or MYRIAD). There is considerable interest in teaching teenagers mindfulness as the most common age of first onset of any mental issues is now peaking at 13-15 years of age,which is a shocking statistic.  Would teaching mindfulness to all teenagers in a school setting  as part of the curriculum help prevent some anixety or depression delveopping  in the future? Would being able to manage their minds better helps to increase well being for this  part of the population?  The aim of  a large Welcome Trust funded reseach project is to study exactly this on a large scale and  I am very excited that I am one of the teachers selected to  teach on this prestigous project. I will be teaching gorups of teachers in schools in around Yorkshire and then these teachers (after a period of developing and consolidating their own practice) will be trained to teach teenagers. The outcomes in both staff and students will be measured.