What’s the difference between a mindfulness app or doing a proper 8 week course?

People often ask me what the benefits of a course are over an app. There are many big differences.  One of them is as follows:  Mindfulness can be very relaxing. People think that by doing a 10 minute app track that they find relaxing, they are getting to grips with what mindfulness is about.  There is little point (other than 10 mins of relaxing time out) in living like a headless chicken and using mindfulness practice like an antidote to the rest of one’s life. The real gold in mindfulness training is the translation of the skills into your every day life. When you start to actually BE more mindful rather than DOING a mindfulness practice. It really feels like you live differently and with more ease whatever is happening.  It feel like you can cope with more before you get reactive or angry or overwhelmed. This is what a good mindfulness teacher is there to help with.  Even people who have done  apps for several years come on an 8 week mindfulness course and learn a lot so why not give it a go?

Mindfulness course participant comment  “It is already proving very useful in daily life. I am finding that my anxiety levels are a lot lower and I am able to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them. I am sleeping better and I am much more aware of what is ‘going on’ inside me and how I am holding myself. My head is clearer and I feel less overwhelmed by situations.”