Detailed Information – Mindful Living

The aim of this secular course is to teach mindfulness through experiential learning, with guided meditation practice, discussion of observations and application to your daily life.

Over a series of 8 sessions, you will learn and practice several practices to begin to train yourselves to be in the present moment. You will learn to develop mindfulness through planned mindfulness practices where you put some time aside to do a practice and there are also ‘informal’ practices that take no time from your day but help to weave what you are learning into your everyday life.

These sessions are totally secular. You can wear whatever clothes you like, through some people find loose clothing most comfortable.  You chose any position most comfortable for you. Most people chose to be seated in a chair, some chose to lie down or sit on the floor.

The session materials include printed handouts and guided meditations as MP3 downloads or as CDs to support your practice at home. Like any new skill (driving a car, riding a bike) you have to practice actually doing it, not just thinking about doing it!  Even over 8 weeks people who commit time for regular practice during each week will experience benefits.

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