8 week course: Mindful Living

Mindfulness is usually taught over 8 sessions in a group setting.  Learning with an experienced and highly qualified mindfulness teacher  can be a life enhancing experience that really impacts on how you life & work  and provides opportunities to reduce anxiety and over thinking. This course is about so much more than listening to  a track on an app.

Mindfulness course participant comment  “It is already proving very useful in daily life. I am finding that my anxiety levels are a lot lower and I am able to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them. I am sleeping better and I am much more aware of what is ‘going on’ inside me and how I am holding myself. My head is clearer and I feel less overwhelmed by situations.”

There will be a course in Leeds starting  in January 2019 and a course in Harrogate beginning  Sept 2019.  I always run small groups to ensure a personal approach can be taken  to learning this valuable skill and make it accessible and practical.

Leeds Mindfulness Training (Wednesdays from 30th January 2019)
:  7.30-9.00 pm        FULLY BOOKED
Dates:  8 sessions: 30th January, 6th, 13th and 27th February and 6th,13th, 20th and 27th March. There is a one week break (20th Feb) to give time for consolidation of the initial skills learnt before progressing to applying these skills into daily life. Includes an extra practice day around week 6 (date to be  decided by the participant group).
Venue: MAZCC, 311 Stonegate Road, LS17 6AZ.

Harrogate Mindfulness Training (Thursdays from 26th September 2019)
:  7.15-9.15 pm
Dates:  8 sessions: 26th Sept, 3rd Oct, 10th Oct, 27th Oct, 24th Oct, 7th Nov, 14th Nov and 21st Nov. There is a one week break (around the school half term holiday, Thurs 31st Oct) to give time for consolidation of the skills before progressing to applying these skills into daily life.
Venue: Oakdale Centre, 49 Valley Drive, Harrogate, HG2 0JH.

Please contact the Oakdale Centre directly to book on this course and receive a flyer (01423 503080 or reception@oakdalecentre.org)
 Flyer here: TBA
If you are a school or college teacher, do contact Annika directly before booking as there are sometimes assisted places available if you are training with a view to bringing mindfulness into your educational setting. 


Mindfulness meditation is presented in a very practical and experiential way on this 8 week course, making it relevant to you and helping you counter balance the stress of everyday life. The 8 sessions will cover background understanding and meditation techniques together with guided meditations. Each session is fully supported by MPs/CDs and handouts for home practice. More details…

Do you have questions in order to decide if this is the right thing or the right time for you?   Email Annika, the course leader (info@onthemind.eu) if you want to ask any questions  or hear a little more about what is involved in learning mindfulness.

Concession places:  I can offer a concession place on some courses. Please contact me if you  would  like to be considered for that due to,  for example,  financial difficulties or  ill health.