One to One Teaching

It can be difficult to set time aside to on a regular evening each week to join in with the group sessions, particularly if you are in a busy and pressured job.  I encourage people to consider the group sessions as way of learning because learning as part of a group adds an additional dimension to your experiences. However it is not possible for everyone and  there are also benefits of learning one to one too. The teaching can be tailored to your progress and understanding as it develops and  I also make every effort to be as flexible as possible regarding session times so that you can maintain continuity regardless of what life is throwing at you.

For people with reduced mobility, one to one sessions at your home or via Skype can also be a valuable way to access the training. If  long term illness has impacted your financial position, do please get in touch to discuss one to one teaching at a concessionary rate.

Sessions at the Oakdale Centre, Harrogate: £60 per session (1 hr)
Sessions at the Good health Centre, Leeds: £60 per session (1 hr)
Sessions from home training room: Day time sessions: £45 per session (1 hr)
Sessions from home training room: Evening and weekends:  £50 per session (1 hr)