Mindful Living Course Tracks (spoken by Annika)
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  1. 01 Brief Body Scan with Breath
  2. 02 Short Body Scan
  3. 03 Long Body Scan
  4. 04 Breath Practice
  5. 05 Bells and Silence (8 minutes)
  6. 06 Easy Awareness
  7. 07 Mindful Movement
  8. 08 Sitting Practice Part 1
  9. 09 Sitting Practice Part 2
  10. 10 Sounds Meditation
  11. 11 Breathing Space
  12. 12 Extended Breathing Meditation
  13. 13 Bells and silence (25 minutes)
  14. 14 Kindness to Self (Phrases)
  15. 15 Kindness to Self (Imagery)
  16. 16 Kindness to Self (Breathing)
Peace in a Frantic World Tracks (from the course book spoken by Mark Williams)
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 body-and-breath-15-mins  (additional 15 min track for week 1, female spoken)
Download Mindful Living tracks to a computer:
You can download all 16 guided meditations by Annika in 3 zip files  (below) or alternatively as individual tracks (above). Right click and select “Download Link and Save Target As” to save on your computer. You can then unzip the files to play on the computer or upload to MP3  players.

Additional Tracks
These 4 tracks (by Integrated Mindfulness) below vary in length but all leave the choice of your focussing anchor up to you. You are not directed to breath or sounds or body sensations e.g. hands or feet. You choose your anchor and the track  guides you through  a meditation  using  words that suits all anchors. This may suit people who want to use anchors like the hands or feet etc and find they need tracks without reference to specific anchors or are uncomfortable with a breath- based anchor.
Using own anchor_detailed-15min
Using own anchor_less detail-15min
Using own anchor-short-10min
Using own anchor-short-5min