Mindfulness is powerful tool
taught over a period of time
to embed what you are learning.

Mindful Living Course

The Mindful Living course is based on the
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
format of 8 weekly sessions in a group setting.

Mindful Resilience

This will take the form of a 4 week Mindfulness Resilience Course which a combination of  mindfulness and ACT  (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy).

One to One

If you are unable to attend the regular sessions in a group  why not consider learning the skills on a one to one basis? 

Follow On Training

If you already have some experience with mindfulness and would like to develop your mindfulness and maintain regular practice.

Upcoming Courses and Sessions

Venue: Oakdale Centre, Valley Drive, Harrogate, HG2 0JH
Cost: £5. Pay on the day.
Time: 18.45 -19.45 pm
Bookings via info@onthemind.eu or 07583033826 to book your place.
The session is open to anyone who wants to find out more about mindfulness and to decide if it something they want to learn more about.

This one off session aims to give you an initial experience of what mindfulness is and why so many people choose to practice mindfulness in some way. It will include some practical tools for you to begin to develop these skills and  provide information to help you decide if you want to do the full 8 week course which is the gold standard in mindfulness training. 

Flyer: Mindfulness introduction session flyer

Open to anyone who would who has learned some mindfulness , this is a follow on session to practice with others and develop your skills further. 

Venue:  Oakdale Centre, Harrogate.
Cost: £5. Pay on the day.
Time: 19.45 -21.00 pm
Bookings via info@onthemind.eu or 07583033826 to book your place.

Venue:  Oakdale Centre, Harrogate.

Time:  7.15-9.15 pm
Dates:  8 sessions: 3rd Oct, 10th Oct, 17th Oct, 24th Oct, 7th Nov, 14th Nov and 21st Nov. There is a one week break (around the school half term holiday, Thurs 31st Oct) to give time for consolidation of the skills before progressing to applying these skills into daily life.
Venue: Oakdale Centre, 49 Valley Drive, Harrogate, HG2 0JH.
Course fee:  £210 (includes tuition time, course materials, handouts and CDs/MP3 of relevant mindfulness practices) and ongoing support during the training (by email or phone). Includes attendance to a practice day at a weekend in November to develop your skills.

Please contact the Oakdale Centre directly to book on this course and receive a flyer (01423 503080 or reception@oakdalecentre.org)
 Flyer here: Click Here
If you are a school or college teacher, do contact Annika directly before booking as there are sometimes assisted places available if you are training with a view to bringing mindfulness into your educational setting. 

This will take the form of a 3 week Mindfulness Resilience Course which a combination of  mindfulness and ACT.  Annika Wager is experienced in running mindfulness courses (8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and has also trained in ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). This evidence based course amalgamates both these approaches over the 3 session programme and aims to build resilience to life’s ups and downs.
Dates and Times:
3 x 3 hour sessions on Sundays   Dates are 8th, 15th and 22nd March
Venue: MAZCC, 311 Stonegate Road, LS17 6AZ
Course fee:  £95 (includes tuition time, course materials, handouts and CDs/MP3 of relevant mindfulness practices) and ongoing support during the training (by email or phone)

Please contact the course leader at On The Mind directly to book on this course or receive a flyer (075830338260 or annika@onthemind.eu)

Benefits of Mindfulness Training With a Teacher

Learning with an experienced and highly qualified mindfulness teacher can be a life enhancing experience that really impacts on how you life & work and provides opportunities to reduce anxiety and over thinking. This course is about so much more than listening to a track on an app.

Participants benefit hugely from the course even if they have been practicing mindfulness themselves for a period of time of have got some basics from a book or app.

“I had tried to learn a little mindfulness from a book with little success. I would definitely recommend a course to learn mindfulness – the classes add a whole dimension that just can’t be captured otherwise.”

“Before the course I was practising mindfulness on a very small scale. The course has really opened my options with mindfulness so it has really become part of my life in a very practical way.”

Mindful Living 8 Week Course

In this course mindfulness meditation is presented in a practical and experiential way. There is a strong focus on learning skills that can be applied in everyday situations at home or at work and that can increase happiness and well being and decrease stress.

The course always benefits from a small group to ensure an individual approach can be taken to learning this valuable skill, while at the same time benefiting from learning in a group.

Each session has a theme and the sessions build on each other to provide practice and understanding in a variety of aspects of mindfulness

“It is already proving very useful in daily life. I am finding that my anxiety levels are a lot lower and I am able to respond to stressful situations rather than reacting to them. I am sleeping better and I am much more aware of what is ‘going on’ inside me and how I am holding myself. My head is clearer and I feel less overwhelmed by situations.” 

– 8 week course participant

Session Themes

  • Learning different forms of mindfulness practice that can be used to train our attention and build our resilience to stress in our life.
  • Choose how we respond rather than finding ourselves habitually reacting to situations in ways that may not be helpful, by understanding about autopilot and looking at how mindfulness can help us to disengage from automatic ways of thinking.
  • Seeing the link between thoughts and the state of our mind and body
  • Mindfulness can help greatly in managing stress from minor or major irritations to difficulties to deadlines/high workloads and balancing our work/life responsibilities by learning why we react the way we do during stressful situations or social interaction, and practice applying mindfulness.
  • Experiencing life more directly so that we can really be present to enjoy the good things in life.

Even over 8 weeks people who commit time for regular practice during each week will experience benefits

The session materials include printed handouts and guided meditations as MP3 downloads or as CDs to support your practice at home. Like any new skill (driving a car, riding a bike) you have to practice actually doing it, not just thinking about doing it! 

4 Week Resilience Course

One to One sessions

It can be difficult to set time aside to on a regular evening each week to join in with the group sessions, particularly if you are in a busy and pressured job.  I encourage people to consider the group sessions as way of learning because learning as part of a group adds an additional dimension to your experiences. However it is not possible for everyone and  there are also benefits of learning one to one too. The teaching can be tailored to your progress and understanding as it develops and  I also make every effort to be as flexible as possible regarding session times so that you can maintain continuity regardless of what life is throwing at you.

Sessions at the Oakdale Centre, Harrogate: £60 per session (1 hr)
Sessions at the Good health Centre, Leeds: £60 per session (1 hr)
Sessions from home training room: Day time sessions: £45 per session (1 hr)

For people with reduced mobility, one to one sessions at your home or via Skype can also be a valuable way to access the training. If  long term illness has impacted your financial position, do please get in touch to discuss one to one teaching at a concessionary rate.

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